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Announcements : Emergency Numbers

Announcement: Emergency Numbers

GLOBAL EXCHANGE, CUBA REALITY TOURS DIRECTOR Andrea “Drea” Hightower, direct line is 415-575-5527 (San Francisco) Cell: emergency only, (602) 350-1313
CUBA IN-COUNTRY COORDINATOR Leslie Balog, Global Exchange in-country Program Coordinator, based in Havana, Home: 011 5372041959 Cell: 011 533 831 2557 8
UNITED STATES EMBASSY, HAVANA Calzada esquina L y M, Vedado Havana, Cuba Tel: 011-537-32-05-43 to 46 CUBAN EMBASSY, WASHINGTON 2630 16th NW Washington, D.C. 20009 Tele: 202-797-8518
Telephone Numbers in the United States: Security at Illinois College: 217-245-3111 (Security will forward the information)
Dean’s Office at Illinois College: 217-245-3010 (only Monday-Friday 8-5)
Hotel Numbers: Night of December 31st Comfort Inn & Suites Hazelwood - St. Louis 7133 Douglas Palmer Place, Hazelwood, MO, US, 63042 +1 (314) 895-8899
Night of January 1 st and 2nd Hotel Kohly Calles 49A y 36, Kolhy Havana, Cuba Phone: 011-53-7-204-0240
Night of January 3 rd and 4th Hotel Pinar del Rio Autopista Este-Oeste Pinar del Rio, Cuba Phone: 011-53-4-875-5070
Nights of January 5 th, 6th, 7th (for researchers 8th, 9th as well) Villa Cabo San Antonio Peninsula Guanahacabibes, Las Tumbas, Cuba Phone: 011-53-4-875-7655
***Several people will be staying in the nearby research house Casa del Leñador. The Casa del Leñador does not have a phone on site. The closest landline phone is at Villa Cabo San Antonio. Night of January 8th, 9th, 10th (the night of 10th, everyone will be in Havana) Hotel Kohly Calles 49A y 36, Kolhy Havana, Cuba Phone: 011-53-7-204-0240